Workshops ITS2018

Workshops et tutoriels d'ITS 2018

Date limite de soumission: 
9 avril, 2018

La deadline pour soumettre des articles aux workshops est pour la plupart le 9 avril (détails pour chaque workshop sur leurs sites web).

Dates de début et fin de la manifestation: 
11 juin, 2018 - 12 juin, 2018


W1 (FD): C&C-ITS- Context and Culture in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Valéry Psyche, Isabelle Savard, Riichiro Mizoguchi and Jacqueline Bourdeau

W2 (HD): Learning analytics: Building bridges between the Education and the Computing communities, Sébastien Beland, Michel Desmarais and Nathalie Loye

W3 (HD): Exploring Opportunities for Caring Assessments, Diego Zapata-Rivera and Julita Vassileva

W4(HD): Making Sense out of Synchronous and Asynchronous Discourse in Educational Settings (SADES), Nia Dowell, Andrew Hampton, Xiangen Hu and Christopher Brooks

W5 (FD): Measuring, Analyzing, and Modeling Multimodal Multichannel Data about Self-Regulated Learning: Making ITSs more Intelligent!, Roger Azevedo and Susanne Lajoie

W6 (FD): Optimizing Human Learning: Workshop eliciting Adaptive Sequences for Learning (WeASeL), Jill-Jênn Vie and Fabrice Popineau


T1 (FD): Automating Educational Research Through Learning Analytics: Data Balancing and Matching Techniques, David Boulanger, Vivekanandan Kumar and Shawn Fraser

T2 (FD): Authoring, Deploying & Data Analysis of Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Xiangen Hu, Zhiqiang Cai, Arthur Graesser and Keith Shubeck

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